The vision

The X-tra G Park’s vital mission is to popularise science among the students and the masses through various initiatives such as galleries on science and technology, travelling exhibitions on contemporary science and technology topics, mobile science exhibitions, workshops, popular science lectures, science demonstrations, publications and related activities.

Most educators now believe that most successful learning can happen in real-life situations.

The Main Features

  • The evolvement of knowledge through centuries starting from BC
  • The evolvement of knowledge country wise
  • The philosophers, innovators and scientists
  • The Branches of knowledge

500+ Technology Games

  • Science on a Sphere
  • 3D show
  • Spark Theatre
  • Rocket Launching Station
  • Be an Astronaut
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • International Space Station
  • & several more…
  • Space Technology Gallery
  • Physics Gallery
  • Chemistry Gallery
  • Biology Gallery
  • Science Application Gallery
  • History Gallery
  • How things work Gallery
  • Mathematics Gallery
  • Scientist’s Gallery
  • Inventions Gallery
  • Career Gallery
  • Art Gallery
  • Literature Gallery
  • Sports Gallery
  • Techno Gallery
  • Knowledge Century wise
  • Knowledge year wise from 1901
  • Innovation Hub
  • Creative Ability Centres
  • Vacation Hobby Centres