The Mathematics Lab is designed to explore mathematical concepts through activities and experimentation. Using the innovative models, most advanced and complicated concepts in Mathematics are put across in a simple way.

This Lab helps the students to demonstrate abstract concepts and ideas by using concretemodels, charts, graphs, pictures etc. Creates interest for studies in their tender and fear riddenminds and make complicated things simple and easy.

Also this mathematical lab help the students to verify or discover some interesting properties using models & measurements and provides opportunity for students to understand and internalize the basic concepts throughconcrete objects and situations.

Total of 170 models ranging from class I – X. Primary level catering 41 models, Upper Primary level catering 58 models and Secondary level catering 71 models.

The cost of the setting up of one full lab in a school from Primary level to Secondary level is Rs. 2,35,000/- including tax.

The schools can also select the items and the models according to their fund availability.

Each model will also be packed in separate boxes so that the schools can select the models according to their need and purpose.

The prize of the models will range from Rs. 550/- to Rs. 1700/-.

The models will also be available in E-commerce platforms.